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Create a custom toString method.

Do you get really angry if you see [object Object] in your browser. Well, this is the fix you might not need.

If an object has a toString method on itself that method will be called whenever javascript is trying to make the object to a string. Cool, right?

For example to output the name in a cool way at all times create a function that returns an object with your custom toString method.

function createPerson(firstName, lastName) {
  function toString() {
    return `${this.lastName}, ${this.firstName} ${this.lastName}`;

  return {


JD = createPerson("John", "Doe");
let html = `<q>My name is: ${JD}.</q>`;
document.body.innerHTML = html;

Of course you could also do this if you feel like it:

Object.prototype.toString = function toString() {
  throw new Error("Do not parse ME as a string!");

I hope you find this useful or interesting.